They will soar onwings like eagles...- Isalah 40:31

Our Story

"Nothing happens unless first a dream." Carl Sandburg

The Academy of Coastal Carolina began as a dream of three local educators who saw a need in our community to provide a source of education that placed an emphasis on the unique worth of the individual student and on the moral and spiritual concepts that mold and shape the way young people receive their academic instruction.

Dreams are hard to hold on to and more difficult to build on. The realities of physical facilities, fiscal sustainability and accountability pose obstacles that are hard to overcome regardless of the optimistic vision. Clouds can support dreams but real things like schools need tangible support. Those who hold on to dreams while building something tangible are special people. Those pillars of support have been board members, families and friends who have given of time, energy and money to assure the continuation of the dream that is The Academy of Coastal Carolina.

When the founders of the Academy held the first Open House in May of 2006, people came to hear the proclamation of the dream. Many took home with them the hope that here, indeed, was a place for their children to really learn, to expand their minds, develop their bodies and strengthen their souls.

The school opened in the fall of 2006 with 27 students. Subsequently,  the program has expanded to include a Three Year Old Program, Transitional Kindergarten for four and five year olds, as well as Traditional Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. The Academy has been able to provide instruction in small classes that has allowed more personal interaction between the teacher and student. All grade levels receive instruction in history, science, mathematics and language arts. In addition, physical education, foreign language, Bible classes and strong art and music programs are offered. Beyond the expansion of facilities and curriculum lies a commitment that comes not just from enthusiasm, dedication and financial support, but from the hearts that believe in what the school, through individual and collective support, is accomplishing.

Leading this effort is Theresa (Terry) Cox, one of the three founders of the school and the current Headmaster. Along with the initial vision, she brings the necessary academic credentials and experience that point the way toward excellence. She is a graduate of Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. She has over twenty years of public and private classroom experience ranging from early childhood to eighth grade in both North and South Carolina. She has developed kindergarten and first grade curriculum for several private schools and assisted in writing objectives and instructional strategies for at-risk students. Perhaps Terry's greatest asset is her empathy for each child and her faith that God is guiding her. Her very personal commitment and dedication goes beyond the requirements of administration and reaches out to each child to touch not just their minds but their hearts as well. Fortunately, that commitment and dedication is and has been contagious. That's why after ten years, The Academy is a solid and growing educational institution.

The Academy of Coastal Carolina is a relatively modest program in some ways, but it is solid and growing. The future is bright and the original dream lives on.