They will soar onwings like eagles...- Isalah 40:31


The Academy of Coastal Carolina demonstrates excellence on so many levels! Our son is immersed in a curriculum that challenges him.  The coursework is led by teachers who truly love and care for him.  With an extremely low student to teacher ratio, The Academy is able to focus on the individual needs of each student.  In addition, we find the teachers to be of very high caliber.  As we see it, this provides our son with an exceptional educational experience. 

Dr. Richard & Kristina Crane


"When considering a move to this area, one of our biggest challenges was finding the type of educational setting that we wanted for our child. Specifically, we were looking for an advanced curriculum in a Christian environment. Brunswick County public middle school was just not an option for us. Finding the Academy has been such a blessing to our family. Not only are the class sizes small, but the entire teaching staff is experienced, certified and most hold advanced degrees. More importantly, it is evident that teaching is a calling for Terry Cox and her staff. Each and every person in the school is there because they want to be. Their main objective is always the fulfillment of students' educational and spiritual potential.We feel very fortunate to have found an excellent school and so much more at The Academy of Coastal Carolina." - Milinda Holland


Dear Terry:

     As you know, I am always so proud of Caroline in everything that she does.  But sometimes I am so pleased that I can’t keep my pride to myself.  (Grandparents have that affliction from time to time, you know.)  Such was the occasion when she spent this past weekend with us.

     As she was preparing for bed Friday night she said that she had just gotten something special at school that she wanted to show me.   I originally thought that this was just a ploy to delay bedtime, however; there really was a genuine enthusiasm for a dictionary she had received.  She said, “You can find every word in the world in here”, a slight overstatement but nonetheless notable for a third-grader to be so excited about a non-digital or otherwise non-technological element of anything.  She said, “Ask me to look up some words, Papa Bill”.  So I asked a few simple words which she located easily then read the definition.  I was really pleased that not only could she spell the word but could read the definition.  So I asked her to find more difficult words which required some assistance in using the correct spelling but she still did very well.

     Then the real surprise came. “Look what’s in the back: The Declaration of Independence! We’ve studied Thomas Jefferson in my history class.  He wrote this, you know.”  Then she showed me her history book and the section on Thomas Jefferson as well as other historical figures.  Then she began to read (that tiny little print), “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve (small stumble in pronunciation) the political bands which have connected them with another… (and she went on)…We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable (big stumble with that word) rights that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

In my amazement, I stopped her and asked, “Do you know what all that means?”

“Not all of it,” she answered. “But I think it means we’re all alike when God made us.”

I was almost in tears.  Here was a little eight-year old girl who understood more about God and His connection to this country than most of the politicians I had been listening to all day.  As I watched and listened to this little girl read The Declaration of Independence in her little-girl voice and standing in her nightgown, I was more touched than I would have been if a more notable reader’s stentorian tones had soared across the halls of Congress.

      Thank you and Mrs. Hickman for all you have done to stir Caroline’s interest in history.  Over the years a wall of cynicism has grown around me that makes me a pessimist when I think of the world my grandchildren may have to face.  But for just a little while I felt that little spark of innocent American spirit that I haven’t felt in many years.  I hope Caroline and her fellow students will fan that spark into a flame.


Bill Thompson



"We have had three children in the Academy of Coastal Carolina over a period of four years.  One of our favorite qualities of this private school is the nurturing environment allowed by the small class sizes and attention to detail.   We have had one to one constant communication with teachers and care givers during our school experience. The atmosphere is happy, secure and loving. This is very important to us.  The core values taught at the Academy match those of our family.  The staff at the Academy work very hard with each individual to create a comfortable educational environment in which each child thrives."
-Sarah Harris